Founder Electronics: Best Choice for IT enterprises

By virtue of its massive resources, JointForce can offer Founder Electronics with excellent human resources to facilitate the completion of emergency projects. At the same time, this platform, with its professional technologies, can strictly select successful cases provided by outsourcee, so as to make sure that Founder Electronics can find technicians who are involved in similar cases, thus greatly improving project development efficiency. It’s worth mentioning that in the early stage of Founder Electronics’ project, JointForce’s servicemen paid Founder a special visit to help sort out its project demands and quickly partition the complex project into several sub-items with professional contract-splitting service, thus simplifying the project and accelerating the outsourcing progress.
The performance of JointForce platform is beyond Founder's expectation, making Founder more trusting of the platform and more confident in its continuous technology innovation and the attempt at new model of industry operation. When referring to the future cooperation with JointForce, Founder Electronics said that the concept "reusing code in the way of re-employing man" proposed by JointForce complies with their plan for future technical resources. In this way, they will be able to satisfy the development requirements of customized software and use senior technician’s technical experience to help them optimize the products, accelerate software development, and gradually form their own technology ecosystem. That is why the concept is worthy of spreading in IT industry.


Wuhan Yindu Culture Media Co., Ltd: When VR meets JointForce

Yindu Media has gone through successful transformation towards Internet media with reliable IT support from JointForce.
In the Internet era full of opportunities and challenges, how to re-adjust their goals newly-emerged industries reconstructed by Internet is a problem worth thinking by traditional enterprises. Yindu Media, after the quick transformation in the timely response to “Internet+” Initiative, has become a leader that adapts to the development of the time. In this process, JointForce Platform not only provides new technical momentum for the successful transformation of Yindu Media, but also offers guidance about how to use Internet technology to achieve "Culture +".


Beijing Serres Science & Technology Co., Ltd

With the support of JointForce, Serres achieves the concurrence of multiple development tasks, improves the development efficiency greatly, saves the human cost and invests more efforts in its core business (English training). The rapid rise of Serres enlightens numerous domestic Internet education enterprises. The traditional education enterprises in transition and Internet education entrepreneurs need to think deeply about such problems as how to use social resources to overcome the resource shortage or obtain scarce resources, how to adjust the transformation direction quickly at a low cost or save the startup human cost and how to obtain new examples and similar development experience with the collective wisdom. Take advantage of JointForce to focus on the national Internet education market ––– Beijing Serres Science & Technology Co., Ltd


China Mobile M-Fetion APP Test

Test object: China Mobile M-Fetion APP
Test items: functional test, compatibility test, usability experience test
Test period: 8 days
Tester: 1 testing expert + 10 testing commissioners +30 crowd testers
Test suggestion: M-Fetion APP, as the instant messaging software launched by China Mobile, integrates abundant functions, such as e-mail, blog, music, TV, games and search. It is positioned as an integrated information platform combining communication, information, entertainment, search, e-commerce, office collaboration and enterprise customer service together. According to the feedback on the test results, M-Fetion APP’s function is relatively complete, which can basically satisfy the market requirement. However, it still has some major problems to be addressed.
1.The quality of voice communication via APP has yet to be improved;
2.Difficulties exist in message exchange between iOS and Android;
3.Lack of current-login-status logout function;
4.Abnormalities exist in address book importing from PC to mobile phone. We hope the above problems will be addressed in product version updating as early as possible, so as to further improve product competitiveness. In addition, better user experience will be obtained if the software interface UI design can be more dynamic.

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