IT Crowdsourcing Services

As an emerging business model, IT crowdsourcing service will spark a revolution in the IT service market. Under the core tag of reliable, Chinasoft International JointForce is a crowdsourcing platform focusing on the vertical area of IT service. In addition to the project requirements contracting and matchmaking transaction service, JointForce also provides the development collaboration cloud (DCC) to improve the quality and efficiency of online development and project management.

About JointForce

JointForce is positioned as a reliable Internet-based IT service crowdsourcing platform. Based on socialized cooperation and sharing, it provides a transaction and communication platform for the customers with short or medium term IT service demands and the individuals, teams and enterprises who are willing to provide services. To enable both parties to the transaction to complete the customized development and delivery of software in a rapid, safe and effective manner, it provides the Development Collaboration Cloud (DCC) and effective and comprehensive assistance and guidance throughout the IT service.

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Crowdsourcing Platform Services

Reliable Resources

On JointForce platform, you will find reliable outsourcing suppliers with proven (characterized) delivery ability. They are called reliable resources, who is connected to the platform with "willingness to receiving outsourcing" and "capacity of receiving outsourcing". It is recommended to award outsourcing contracts to reliable resources.

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Integrated Development Kit

ResourceOne is powerful enterprise-level platform for integrated development for enterprise users and application developers on the JointForce Platform. Based on its technical capabilities and the proven experience in architecture, development of enterprise-level application solutions is an easy thing now.

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