CSI data technology and big data innovation services

In the era of internet and mobile technology, the synergetic development, upgrading and transformation of each social and economic field largely depend on data-supported performance improvement and business innovation. Under the circumstance of which, big data becomes a new drive for economic and social development, and data resources become corporate strategic resources.

Why CSI?

With abundant resources timely deployed in domestic data analysis and big data service industry, and a professional data service team, CSI can help customers design scientific and seasonable big data framework to gradually realize data integration and sharing, improve delicacy management, and enhance control over operation risks. CSI has occupied a leading position in this industry and is highly recognized by customers in various industries, with its big data services covering financial regulators, governments and high-tech parks, competent authorities of industry, banks, insurance companies, securities, transportation, logistics and manufacturing fields.

End-to-end solution and technology services

CSI’s end-to-end service capacity lies in three aspects:

End-to-end solution across entire data life cycle, which covers the acquisition, integration, governance, application and presentation of full data;

Professional competence in enterprise-level data service, including consultation, planning, project implementation and development, and continual maintenance;

Solution covers all key enterprise-level data applications, including data-driven business transformation, comprehensive performance management, overall cost accounting, internal and external auditing and supervising.

Successful service experience in multiple industries and platforms

CSI’ has successful experience of big projects in banks, insurance, security, lease, funds, telecommunication, manufacturing, energy, logistics, transportation, public security, education, media, smart city, industry supervision, and other fields. It has benefited customers from different industries with world-class data technology and the best methodology and practices suitable to Chinese context, highly satisfied our customers in various industries and become a domestic data service leader and innovator acknowledged by market research authorities such as IDC, Forrester and Gartner.

  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Security
  • Leasing
  • Fund
  • Telecom
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Logistics
  • Transportation
  • Public Security
  • Education
  • Media
  • Smart
  • Industry

Professional big data service team

CSI’s professional data service team have accumulated rich experience in big data service, and been ahead in personnel structure and service quality in China. With advanced talents such as masters and doctors who graduated from world-famous universities and research institutes, and rich experience in customer consultation and service, CSI’s data service team can strictly apply framework and theories determined in earlier stage of projects, and better serve our customers.

Big data solution cluster

Data integration

Based on HADOOP technology, hybrid architecture is adopted to integrate multi-industries, -channels and forms data, support real-time mass data acquisition and process and share data service and application.

Data governance

By data governance, CSI can effectively resolve problems in data management to reach data management goals such as sharing data, improving data quality and enhancing decision support.

Data application

By analyzing and presenting mass data, CSI make decisions more accurately and timely. Data application will drive human society into the age of artificial intelligence.

Adhering to the enterprise culture of benefiting customers and growing with customers, CSI is willing to closely cooperate with governments and business customers, aiming at promoting the development of data culture, system and industry, and building up a leading data service brand.

Smart government promotes a new model of Data Governanc

The wide application of big data will bring numerous economic and social benefits. When constructing industry or regional economy, governments shall master crucial social data assets and propel innovation through data integration, governance and application, so as to serve the country from people’s well-being, economy and security, well balance public interests, personal privacy and business progress, and build a harmonious society.

New-typed information projects such as Smart City and Information Benefiting the People are aimed at solving problems related to people’s livelihood, economic development and industry upgrading. During this process, the foundation role of data integration, governance and application has been widely recognized.

Typical Scenes of Big data application in governments

  • Data disclosure
  • Public resources distribution
  • Municipal commanding
    and decision-making
  • Stimulate social innovation
  • Industrial security supervision
  • Development ability assessment

Case: Build Banks’ Financial Relation Circle in Big Data Timesmore

Service capacity: end-to-end big data solutionmore

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